To Russia With Love

By Ashley Bonnell

  • To Russia With Love

Russian students receive God's Word for the first time


February 11 - Russian schools see God's Word shared for the first time

School leaders were concerned for the moral behavior and misconduct of their students, some of whom struggled with drug and alcohol abuse. Because of the noted change in their behaviour whenever they spent time with a Christian student, they opened their doors to us. 

So, at a public school assembly, students heard the gospel and received Gospels of John and Hope magazines. We were instructed not to give a direct invitation for students to receive Christ, but after team members had shared their testimonies in the assembly, students swarmed the team, wanting to know more. The vice principal pleaded for us to come back, and students called out proudly in their best English, "We hope to see you soon!" For five years, local ministries have awaited this breakthrough in the school.


February 10 - Students can’t get enough of the NewLife app

Crowds of students gathered around team leaders demonstrating how the app works. These students had just heard the gospel message for the first time and were hungry for more of God's Word!


February 14 - God breaks down walls in people’s hearts

Not a soul was in sight on the barren streets of Varonstov, a town rooted strongly in atheism. In faith, we prayed for God to break down the walls in people’s hearts. Then we met 86-year-old Edwardo hobbling outside to his front porch. Edwardo wanted to know where God was. He wanted to invite God to his house.

Before today, he had no idea that God desired to have a personal relationship with him. He was so overjoyed to know he was eligible to invite Jesus into his life! Not only is Jesus with Edwardo in his house, He also now lives in his heart!


February 15 - Three Syrian youth receive the Lord

Victor, Aslan and Nicolai all spoke English and told us they came from a war-torn city in Syria, but were here studying at a Muslim technical university. When I asked if they knew who Jesus was, two said yes, one said no. After I shared the gospel with them, their questions were many, deep and challenging.

Little by little, their hearts began to soften. After an extended conversation, all three committed their lives to Jesus. What a moment! Nicolai embraced one of our team members, wiping away tears from under his ball cap, and cried, “Thank you, thank you, thank you!”


February 22 - Red Square, Moscow is filled with Hope--the magazine

Today marks a monumental day in history! Today is the first day that our ministry has ever shared God's Word in the historic Red Square of Moscow. We shared copies of the Hope magazine, New Testaments and NewLife app cards. We connected with a group of students on a field trip in the middle of the square to share the Good News. Each received their own Gospel of John.

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