"We are still Godless"

By Michelle DeVries

  • "We are still Godless"

18,000 villages have been touched by the outreach in Russia. This is made possible by people like you.

See those pins up there? That’s a strategy, mapped out by Ivan Borichevskiy, head of Missions & Evangelism with The Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith. Each round, colour-coded pin represents a church in Russia. Earlier this year, a Russian law was passed to ban evangelism outside of churches. Here’s what Ivan said about his dream to partner with ShareWord Global to evangelize despite the increasingly restrictive laws on sharing the Christian faith:

“We’ve got this vision to reach all these towns and villages and bring the Word of God, and we’ve started. And as a result of the work, we’ve made the goal—we would like more than 10,000 churches in Russia to be planted. That’s our vision.

Within these five years, we’ve distributed over nine million copies of the Christian literature, whether it is New Testaments or Gospels of John or anything else. And church planting sites are continuously being formed to accommodate the millions of people who have prayed to accept Christ.

We firmly believe that only the Word of God will transform our nation. Even though we are called a “Christian nation” or sometimes “Orthodox Christian,” we are still godless. The majority of people don’t know God as a personal Saviour; they’ve never heard about Him. I firmly believe in cooperation, in partnership with an organization like yours, ShareWord Global. You have the vision. When we share the same vision, we can do tremendous work, and our vision will be fulfilled.


We don’t have enough resources. Sometimes—often—we stop the work of the teams because we don’t have enough literature, or any other resources to equip the team to work and be  sufficient. But we have this great vision, dedication, and passion to do that work.

I know that you are not our partner by chance, that God has put all of us together. And when the new law came (restricting proselytization), and with it, new regulations and restrictions, we say to ourselves, “No way—we will only be pursuing the work of God and sharing His Word more.”

How encouraging, to hear how bravely the church in Russia is taking the gospel to the nation! It is also an awakening to how huge the need is for God’s Word. Nine million copies, distributed in five years … that’s incredible! Now Ivan is asking for three million more Scriptures, for 2017 alone! The receptivity to the gospel is both surprising and inspiring, and it’s a privilege to supply Bibles for such a cause.



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