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It’s all about the cause of the gospel at The Gideons International In Canada, a ministry that’s been centered on sharing the Word of God since 1911. It may have started with hotel Bibles, but today the mission goes beyond placing Bibles in public places like hotels, prisons and hospitals, or giving New Testaments to kids in grade five.

We still do those things, but when you become a member you join others in your area who are focused on sharing the gospel in every day life, public events and through innovative ways like our outreach app for smart phones called NewLife.

Access to a variety of free Scriptures (Bibles, New Testaments and Scripture portions) is an important draw for members. There’s also a great deal of fun and fellowship with others who are also passionate about seeing the lost saved. Your local chapter meets once in a while to plan distribution and fundraising events, ensuring they can be a highly effective team in spreading the gospel.

The Gideons shares the gospel around the world, in small and large teams. Why not join us on a trip to change lives in South America, Africa, Asia and Europe?

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