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  Let's Give Hope to the Children in Nicaragua

The Church of God Hamilton kids, youth and young adults want to give Hope to Children in Nicaragua!

$1,917.55 Raised

Funds go to: Nicaragua

  One Bible = One Name

ShareWord Global is bringing God's Word to India.

$11,450.00 Raised

Funds go to: South Asia

  Ending the Bible famine in Haiti

Funds will be designated for sharing copies of God's word, by providing Bibles for people in Haiti who don't have a Bible of their own.

$5,300.00 Raised

Funds go to: Haiti

  Sharing the gospel in India

Support us as we travel to India this April to spread God's love through preaching, music and Bible distribution.

$1,530.00 Raised

Funds go to: India

  Give Hope for my 30th

Celebrating a milestone this year & instead of receiving, I would like to share the hope I have found in Jesus with others around the world.

$350.00 Raised

This Campaign is Completed

Funds go to: Send Me

  Mission 2018

The campaign will be designated for sharing copies of God's word and the gospel message in Haiti (Gonaive and Cap Haitien)

$0.00 Raised

Funds go to: Haiti

  Hope for Santa Olga, Chile

Thousands of people have lost their homes due to wildfires in Santa Olga, Chile. You can bring HOPE to these people who have recently lost so much.

$1,705.00 Raised

Funds go to: Chile

  Bringing Hope to the People of Kenya

Can you imagine going to church and not having a Bible? This is the case in parts of Kenya. There is a desperate need for God’s Word.

$7,480.57 Raised

Funds go to: Heart for Africa

  10,000 Bibles for China

The growth of the church in China is amazing but is not being matched by the availability of Bibles. $5 can place God’s Word into the hands of a waiting person in China.

$0.00 Raised

Funds go to: China