Sharing the gospel in Sri Lanka

Sharing the gospel in Sri Lanka

Many in Sri Lanka do not know Jesus yet. They are following a religion that leaves them empty and searching for answers. The answers that are only found in the gospel!

But how will they hear the Good News? Through a contextually relevant scripture magazine in their language of Sinhalese. This Scripture will be created just for them. Funding has come in to create the magazine. Now we need your help!

Local churches will distribute these magazines in their communities reaching them for Christ. We've seen this approach work around the world. Now we are expecting God to work in amazing ways in Sri Lanka. For only $5, you can equip churches with a magazine so they can reach their communities with the life-changing message of the gospel!

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In honour of Nishan and Mandy Samaraweera's birthdays.

Elaine Douglas

In honour of the Birthday of Nishan and Mandy Samaraweera

Jeff and Christine Pudel

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