Reaching kids in Brazil

Reaching kids in Brazil

Share Jesus through soccer

First and foremost I love Jesus. But I also have a deep love for the game of soccer. That's why I've initiated this fundraiser. I want to reach the soccer-loving kids in the slums of Brazil with the gospel.

Through Alem-Brasil, our ministry partner in Brazil, soccer camps are held for needy kids in the slums. In addition to soccer training, the kids are taught Biblical truths of the Bible. But what Alem-Brasil does not provide for the kids is the physical Word of God. That's where we come in. We want to join them and share the gospel and give these kids their first copy of God's Word.

Kids who live in needy communities where poverty affect the majority, and children and teenagers are vulnerable to criminal activities, drugs, prostitution, and violence. These kids need the Word of God to understand their worth.

As the head coach for Crandall University Men's Soccer - I will be bringing 3 varsity players, Micah Knowles, Glenn Rowe and Luke Edwards on this missions trip, so they can see the impact of the Gospel first hand. Will you help us to share the gospel and the Word of God to these kids who desperately need it?

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