North of 60

North of 60

Wel,l it all started with a call out to Alberta and BC chapter in the fall of 2009 from a member at our Fairview chapter, to volunteer our time for mission trips into the north. In saying yes to the call, it would change my perspective on the peoples of the north. In making four trips (2010, 2012, 2014 and 2015) I fell in love with the north and it's native and non-native peoples. Each winter memories flood back to my mind of the events and the environment that God gave us to experience up there.

Numerous Scriptures were given out, lives changed in the sharing of the good news of the gospel.

Now we have run out of roads to travel on. There are 30 other communities that need to be touched with the word of God. The problem is we need to fly into the other communities to reach villages and towns. It is very dangerous to fly into these locations and just happens to be the most costly places to travel in the world! These places are located in the NWT, NUNAVUT AND NORTHERN QUEBEC.

I want to thank all our supporters ahead of time for your generous giving to this very worthy cause for the peoples of the north.

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