Hope For Nicaragua

Hope For Nicaragua

I've heard about the impact these trips had in the past. How lives were transformed, faith strengthened, and hope restored. I've also heard about the hunger people have for the gospel there. To have an opportunity to share the good news of hope and love through Christ, is an experience I feel unable to pass up!

I need your help to make this possible. I am fundraising my trip in hopes that I can go and be part of God's work in Nicaragua. Some of the ways you can help me are; financially by clicking the link below and donating, by sharing this post, or most importantly by praying for our team! I'm thrilled to see what God has in store for us there and I thank you in advance for your love and support! God bless!

Donor Comments

Blessings and joy to you, Dave, as you go forth in His Name to share the Good News. We will cover you in prayer.

Bruce and Sandy Sonnenberg

May God bless you as you share His word.

Ines Neufeld

Nicaragua Trip - Dave Wiebe

Helena Wiebe

God bless Man!

Andrew and Melissa Mackesy

Love u buddy.

Karon Narine

Will be praying for you! I hope this is a wonderful experience for you and for the people in Nicaragua Love you!!

Beti Smees

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