Bringing Hope to the Children of Moldova - David Downing

Bringing Hope to the Children of Moldova - David Downing

Making a difference for the children of Moldova

Moldova is a small country situated between Romania and the Ukraine, and it is the poorest country in Europe. Due to this poverty level, over 50% of the children are orphaned and living in camps, church facilities, and orphanages. Because of these conditions, a vast majority of these children are being funnelled into the human trafficking industry. Most of these children are lost, have no family, and see no hope for their future both physically and spiritually.

My name is David Downing, and bringing hope to these children weighs very heavy on my heart. This upcoming July, I have been privileged to join a small group from my home church, Innerkip Presbyterian Church, to venture to Moldova with the sole purpose of bringing hope and light into the lives of these children through God's living story. Our mission is to deliver Bibles, as well as visit churches and orphanages to spread the Word of Christ. During the 10 days that we will be gone on this missions trip, we hope to make a difference in as many lives as possible and bring hope into their future.

Due to the personal expense of this trip, I am reaching out to friends, family, and anyone who would like to help make this mission a great success, both financially and spiritually through prayer. I would greatly appreciate your prayers for both myself, the team, and most importantly the people of Moldova. Any financial donations over $10 will be eligible for a tax receipt from the Gideon's of Canada. Thank you for your support and God bless!

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Trevor Hendershott

Wishing you God's Blessing as you do his Work!. Thinking and praying for all of you as well.

Joanne/Arlin Dreise

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